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Lin’s Volunteering Journey at Budleigh Community Allotment

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In June 2022, Lin began a new phase of life after downsizing to a flat without a garden. She missed being surrounded by greenery and decided to volunteer at the Budleigh Community Allotment. This experience reignited her passion for gardening, strengthened her bond with nature, and introduced her to a community of friends.

Lin found a home for her connection to nature at the Budleigh Community Allotment, where she encountered "Lottie," a resident frog. Although sightings of Lottie became infrequent, the memory of this encounter symbolizes the enchanting surprises that nature has in store.

Through volunteering, Lin formed deep connections with fellow volunteers, and social gatherings reinforced the friendships that enriched her experience. The joy of seeing a thriving crop and sharing the harvest among peers underscored the beauty of mutual giving and receiving within a closely-knit community.

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Lin faced challenges, including last summer's excessive sun, which tested her diligence in watering the plants during the evenings to ensure their survival. However, these challenges contributed to the experience that made volunteering meaningful.

One of Lin's proudest moments was organising a fundraising event for a hot bin, reflecting her deep commitment to the allotment's growth and prosperity. As a retired Occupational Therapist, she has rejoined the HCPC register at 75, with aspirations to contribute through "bank" work.

Lin's journey through the Budleigh Community Allotment shows growth, connection, and rediscovery. Her dedication to volunteering has rekindled her love for gardening and introduced her to a supportive community and a renewed sense of purpose. Through her ongoing work in nurturing the earth, forging friendships, and taking on new challenges, Lin has made significant contributions to Seachange. She has also volunteered at our memory cafe and activity club, further demonstrating her dedication to our local community.

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Naturing Nature

“The Seachange is an inspiring and comforting place. It is a real community and I feel proud and privileged to be part of it.”

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