Leave a legacy of health and happiness for all

Leaving a gift in your will

Leaving a Gift in your Will is an amazing way to leave a Legacy of health and happiness with Seachange and be a part of cultivating happiness, health, and togetherness for your local community one step at a time.

Your Legacy, Our Commitment to Wellbeing.

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Making your Will

  • Help people like Andy support his mental and physical health.
  • Stop Mary from falling with Postural stability classes
  • Support John with transport to his hospital appointments

You could leave a legacy by making a gift to Seachange in your will. Any sum, however large or small, can make a real difference. We have teamed up with Kwil so you can create your free will here.

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Types of gifts in Wills

Learn about the different types of gifts you could leave in your Will:

  • Residuary gift

    This type of gift is a share of your estate for example 5%.

    Many people divide their estate into 100 equal units. After giving to family and loved ones, they then gift a certain number of units to Seachange.

    Unlike a cash gift, leaving a share of your estate means your gift won’t devalue overtime. This type of gift is most helpful to us.

  • Cash gift

    A cash gift, known as a pecuniary gift, is a fixed sum of money, for example, £5000. These gifts are paid out of your estate first, and then what’s left is divided up as per the instruction of your will.

  • Specific gift

    A specific gift is a nominated object, for example, an artwork, a collection of records, or an antique.

    If you want to keep a particular item in your family, then this could be a good way to pass a special item along.

Questions about gifts in Wills?

Email us at help@seachangedevon.org or call us on 01395 446896

Leave a legacy of health and happiness for all

“These are amazing facilities. I feel I can offer my clients a better service in Seachange than anywhere else.”

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