16 Jun 23A normal week at the office?

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Seachange aims to improve the health and happiness of the communities of East Devon. We do this because we know if you are happier, you are healthier. If we can make you happy in any way, we will. This in turn reduces demand on our over-stretched NHS. There are no lengths we will not go to achieve our goal.

This week at Seachange has been a case in point. It started on Monday with our table tennis. A mixed group of individuals play one another. But the most interesting thing is the chatter. Different ages, sexes, and socioeconomic groups can lead to some interesting conversations. At the same time of ‘better balance’ group were in full flow. Seated low impact with plenty of laughter for those with reduced mobility. Craft group followed with Indian screen printing, a postural stability session and an outdoor boot camp for the fitter people to finish the day.

Tuesday was followed by three yoga sessions including a seated version, cycling and a baby massage class to finish. Very chilled babies and mums by the end.

Wednesday our gym team held core and stretch (always a favourite with our most regular of regulars, Conrad) plus and functional fit class.

Thursday started off normally enough with a spinning class, seated and standing kettlebells but changed when our new hive of honey bees arrived. Two men in full bee-keeping regalia whilst driving a van. A very odd look, but purposeful suppose. The bees were placed into their new home under the watchful eye of Launchpad café students, Chris and Hannah.

I thought Friday was going to be normal with a ‘wellbeing motion’, pilates and a core and stretch class. At the last minute, I stepped in and had the pleasure of returning home five participants of a better balance class. One newbie on the bus, you know who you are, was an old friend coming to Seachange for the first time. I’m pleased to say she enjoyed the class and the coffee afterwards with other participants. The journey home was humorous too. It is all about the journey, not the destination. Friday was supposed to be a paperwork day for me but I became easily distracted when two Llamas turned up to say hello. They had come to see our Jurassic Nursery children who had been taking part in the Big Toddle for Barnardo’s and were all dressed as animals. All work stopped at that point. The sun was shining too much to carry on anyway.

Classes, activities, regulars, newbies, bees, children dressed as animals and Llamas. Not my normal working week, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.


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A normal week at the office?

“These are amazing facilities. I feel I can offer my clients a better service in Seachange than anywhere else.”

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