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Are you considering volunteering with Time for You in collaboration with Devon Carers?

We're here to answer some common questions and shed light on the rewarding experience of becoming a volunteer with us.

1. Why Volunteer for Time for you?

Volunteering with Time for You is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of carers and their loved ones. Our volunteers play a vital role in providing support to carers, allowing them the essential time to maintain their health, wellbeing, and independence. Please note that as a Time for You volunteer, you will not be responsible for providing personal care.

2. What Are the Benefits for You?

Volunteering offers numerous personal benefits. It's a chance to:

- Meet New People: You'll connect with fellow volunteers and the individuals you assist.

- Use Your Skills to Help Others: Contribute your expertise to make a positive impact.

- Give Something Back: Give back to your community and make a meaningful difference.

-Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence: Volunteering can boost your sense of self-worth and self-assurance.

Volunteering for Seachange is cost-free, and we reimburse all your expenses. It's also incredibly flexible; you can choose to dedicate as much or as little time as your schedule allows.

3. How Much Time Do I Need to Volunteer?

We understand that everyone has different commitments. That's why volunteering with us can fit into your schedule seamlessly. Whether you can spare a couple of hours a month or a week, whether you go away for the winter, we have an opportunity tailored to your availability.

4. Will I Receive Training?

Absolutely. We prioritise the safety and effectiveness of our volunteers. All volunteers undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and participate in an induction training session. Rest assured, ongoing training and support will be provided throughout your journey as a volunteer.

5. How Do I Become a Volunteer?

Ready to embark on this fulfilling journey? We're just a phone call or an email away. For an informal chat about any of our volunteer roles, please contact us at 01395 446896 or email us at volunteering@seachangedevon.org.uk. Join us in making a positive impact in the lives of carers and their families. Your time and dedication can bring about meaningful change. Become a Time for You volunteer today!


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