Activity Club

Activity Club

Join us, have fun and meet new friends

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Our thriving Activity Club is guided by Ali and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. This club is designed for adults to build friendships and offer companionship in a welcoming environment. It’s fun!

The Activity Club provides a diverse range of activities, including exercise, craft, painting, gardening, and skill-building opportunities. Ali and our volunteers go a step further by encouraging participants to create their own support networks beyond the club.

Our Activity Club isn’t just about activities, it’s about new experiences, learning, lively conversations, forming new friendships, savouring homemade meals at lunchtime, and sharing laughter. We also have guest speakers and musicians who regularly entertain. As one delighted participant puts it, “I just can’t thank everyone enough for their help, company, for everything. Thank you very much!”

(Members should be independently mobile, with or without walking aids as regrettably we cannot provide 1-1 care.)

Date and time:

Thursday 10:00 - 14:00hrs


£25 Inclusive of lunch


10:00am - 2:00pm

Lunch and refreshments included for only £25 per session

Activity Club

“These are amazing facilities. I feel I can offer my clients a better service in Seachange than anywhere else.”

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